10 Cool Facts About Genesis Motors (2024)

Cars! The metal horses that gotta go fast and gotta go far. They are super-duper important to our lives, more so than, let’s say, the latest iPhone or MCU movie. However, it’s not enough for a percentage of car owners to have a basic car, something with four wheels and an engine.

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There are some people that like to drive in style, this is where Genesis Motors comes in. They are one of the newest, yet commercially polarising car brands on the market today. So, strap in, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

10 Founded in 2015

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The brandknown as Genesis Motors was founded in 2015, so not too long ago, especially if you compare it to Ford, which was founded in 1903 and Ferrari in 1947. WhenGenesis Motors was founded by Hyundai four years ago, their plan was to make a luxury car that would be the answer to Mercedes, that is (and still are to some) the masters of making luxury cars.

By the way, this rivalry between Genesis and Mercedes is still ongoing, Genesis is planning to release itsG90 2020 model to compete with the Mercedes' Maybach. Right from the start, Genesis wanted a nemesis.

9 Their Parent Company is Hyundai

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Genesis Motors isn’t its own thing like Tesla or Ford, in that it owns itself and serves no master. Like mentioned earlier, Genesis’s parent company is Hyundai, or tostate its full title (because we’re all professionals here),the Hyundai Motor Group.

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Now, you might recognize that name, and that’s because the Hyundai Motor Group is a big company. You might know them for their cars; however, Hyundai also deals with Steel, Automotive, Construction, and tech affiliates. Hyundai Motor Group was founded in 2000 with its HQ located in South Korea and is one of the biggest parent companies within the US.

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For four years, Genesis was the official sponsor of the NFL, the US of A’s foam-padded alternative to good old-fashioned rugby. This ended in 2019, meaning that other companies could use the air time and visual space that Genesis had been using.

Now, this is interesting to note because as reported, Genesis didn’t really benefit from the exposure that the NFL timeprovided. According to this report, Genesis’ competitors were doing just as well as Genesis during the same air times without the need forthat exposure. It makes sense that Genesis wouldn’t be back for a fifth season if it wasn’t worth it.

7 They have an Official Golf Tournament

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Genesis is very much like other companies in the US (like Budweiser) with its love of plasteringits brand all over the landscape and TV screen. The NFL from the previous entry is a great example of that, even when it doesn’t work. The Genesis Invitational is another example ofthe company trying to be in the public eye as often as possible.

The Genesis Invitational is a golf tournament that takes place in Southern California. This Genesis Invitational is a relatively recent thing, being the name of the tournament only from 2017. The tournament has been sponsored by other companies in the past.

6 Genesis Was Introduced In 2007

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It’s been eleven years since the Genesis car model was unveiled to the world, even longer if you want to count the concept vehicle that was part of the New York International Auto Show in April 2007.

Back then, the carwas unveiled as the Hyundai Genesis, as this was before Huyndai broke Genesis off into its own brand in 2015. At that point, Genesis Motorsreleased the Genesis G80, although theG90 was the company's first completely independentmodel.

5 Genesis will Deliver their Car to your Door

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Takeoutis a service that Genesis Motors provides. A straight to your door, deliver-right-to-your-house service. Wow. You don’t even need to do this from a dealership as the company sends them straight to you once they’re completed.

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This is fantastically insane yet it perfectly presents the lifestyle that someone with the wealth to purchase a luxury car like a G90 would have.Sadly, most people can only wish they could do somethingthis irresponsibly cool.

4 The now Famous Genesis Logo was Optional

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When you’re driving down the road and you see a car that piques your interest, you naturally stare down at the car’s license plate and then, of course, the car’s emblem. This is how you identify the car.

Now, what’s interesting with the first lot of Genesis vehicles was that the now-famous Genesis logo (the silver wings with a black gem center) was an optional feature. When you purchased a Genesis, you had the option of not just the G-logo, but also their parent company’s ‘H’ for Hyundai. Why? Because, at the time of the car’s release, the Genesis was still part of the Hyundai name and wasn’t well known.

3 No one knows about Genesis

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Speaking of being not very well known, Genesis is still a baby brand in the large world of manufacturing cars, especially luxury cars. When you compare and contrastGenesis with its competitors, the company is young and unknown...really unknown.

It appears that Genesis has been grappling with its brand recognition and getting it out there into the thoughts of potential car owners. One of the ways they’ve been failing at this is the fact that they have a very limited number of dealerships worldwide to sell from,which obviously limits potential sales noticeably. Genesis needs to expand the public knowledge of its brand, and break out from under the umbrella of Hyundai.

2 The Genesis G80 was their first model

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When Hyundai Genesis became Genesis Motors in 2016-2017 their model the Hyundai Genesis (which was in production since 2008) stopped producing the car as they switched over to the newly designed G80 for manufacturing.

The car itself was Genesis Motors’ first full-sized luxury vehicle. The specs of the vehicle are comparable in size to that of their competitors BMW and their BMW 7 series, with a horsepower of 311hp at 6000 rpm and a base 3.8 I engine. If you were interested in purchasing a 2016 Genesis, the prices range from $25,000 - $35,000. For that much, you might as well buy a new one at around $45,000.

1 It was designed to appeal to Millennials

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When designing a car, or any product, for that matter, you need to consider who the product is for.Defining your market is essential. With the case of Genesis Motors, the companyknew who it wasgoing to market its luxury cars to. Basically, Genesis is aiming for millennials.

In an interview with Forbes.com, Genesis admits that they were aiming at approaching who they called the “Younger Generation.” They want to connect and teach this “Younger Generation” about luxury and to associate that with Genesis. Good luck you wacky company, as marketing to millennials is harder than you think.

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10 Cool Facts About Genesis Motors (2024)


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