Freeze-Dry Breast Milk - A Helpful Resource for Moms' Lactation Journey In 2023 - Sofy Troya (2024)

Freeze-Dry Breast Milk - A Helpful Resource for Moms' Lactation Journey In 2023 - Sofy Troya (1)

Breastmilk is your first baby’s superfood. Studies show that breastmilk lowers the risk of common childhood conditions such as allergies, asthma, eczema, and food allergies, and also supports brain development, infections, obesity, and overall illnesses.

Freeze-dry breast milk powder is gaining traction among motherhood and our lactation journey. If you’re a mama who stores breastmilk in the freezer you know this can be a big inconvenience trying to work around storage, shelf life, or when your baby transitions from the bottle. This is where the powdered form of breast milk is revolutionizing our breastfeeding journey and the way our little munchkins are being nourished.

In this blog post, I want to cover everything you need to know about dried breast milk, from its advantages and potential risks and benefits!

What is Freeze-Dried Breast Milk?

Freeze Breast Milk uses a technique called sublimation which is an interesting process where a substance transits from a frozen solid state to a gaseous state without going through the liquid and is regularly used to convert frozen breast milk into freeze-dryer powder form.

Key Takeaways

  • Powdered Breast Milk offers an extended shelf life, easy transportation and storage,

  • Nutritional Value: preservation of key nutrients.

  • Rehydration Process: Before feeding your baby it needs to be rehydrated with water according to instructions,

  • Storage and Portability: It can be easily packed and carried without the risk of leakage or spoilage, Safety first!

Advantages of Using Powdered Breast Milk

Freeze-Dry Breast Milk - A Helpful Resource for Moms' Lactation Journey In 2023 - Sofy Troya (2)

Breast Milk Powder is becoming popular for parents thanks to its benefits, such as an impressive shelf life of up to three years and lightweight and easy to store.

The same freeze-drying process used on this type of fine breast milk powder protects almost all essential vitamins, minerals, and other important components that help with growth. As if those advantages weren’t enough, it can also be transported in a more compact form than regular breast milk!

Extended shelf life

The key advantage of freeze-dried breast milk is that it has an incredibly extended shelf life compared to regular ice packs, which need to be consumed within 12 months, although using it within 6 months is best and keep in mind the temperature of the freezer needs to be 0’F or below.

The freeze-dryer variation can last up to 3 years while still being suitable for your little one’s consumption, perfect if you need long-term storage and more convenient transport.

Thanks to its drying process, this type of frozen breast milk also offers great reliability and security knowing there will always be some readily available when needed by your baby!

Easier transportation and storage

Busy moms on the go will find freeze-dried breast milk a convenient solution for storing and transporting their baby’s nutrition.

If you’re like me, you know when LESS is MORE, not having to worry about keeping cold in an insulated cooler or searching for freezer space can make our lives much easier with its lightweight, compact form that easily fits into any diaper bag or your purse.

The longevity of freeze-dried food and breast milk provides long-lasting nourishment without taking up too much valuable shelf space instead of having numerous storage bags cluttering your cupboards or refrigerator shelves.

Freeze-drying breast milk ensures all important vitamins and minerals remain safe as well as making it easy to transport so you know your baby is still getting quality nutrients wherever you go!

Nutrient preservation

Freezing and drying breast milk is a process that offers more convenience than other dehydration methods, while also preserving important nutrients like vitamins and minerals in breast milk for the benefit of our little ones. This results in an incredibly nutrient-rich product with similar nutritional quality to fresh breast milk. All without any of the drawbacks related to other preservation techniques.

Freeze-drying breast milk securely ensures your baby gets all these necessary components during the growth and development stages.

Potential Risks and Concerns

When choosing the best feeding option for your baby, it is essential to be aware of potential risks and concerns related to freeze-dried breast milk. This includes bacterial growth and contamination due to lack of pasteurization. As well as a careful method when reconstituting freeze-dried breastmilk, for safe consumption by your little one. Making an informed choice can help ensure you select a healthy option that provides optimum nutrition without any compromise on safety standards.

This is why is not advised to freeze-dry your breastmilk at home. If you’re a mama looking to freeze-dry your breast milk, here are some of the most reliable companies offering this service; Milkify, Booby Food, It’s My Leche and Booby Licious. They have all the necessary tools and experience to ensure you get a high-quality freeze-dried breast milk and product. Knowing that experienced specialists will be handling your beloved dairy is quite reassuring for your lactation journey.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Breast Milk into Baby’s Diet

Freeze-Dry Breast Milk - A Helpful Resource for Moms' Lactation Journey In 2023 - Sofy Troya (3)

When fresh breast milk is not available, freeze-dried milk can be a great addition to your baby’s diet, here are some of the benefits:

  • Fortifies foods with extra and essential nutrients in a convenient way

  • Adds extra calories for babies who need to gain weight

  • Easy way to add protein and fats that keep babies full for longer

How to incorporate Freeze-Dried Breast Milk into Foods

  • Mixed baby’s first foods to transition to solids

  • Add to your recipes for smoothies, oatmeal, muffins, and pancakes, the possibilities are wide with finely powdered breast milk.

  • Cover pieces of fruit to help your baby’s pincer grasp.

Cost of Freeze-Drying Breast Milk

Freeze drying can cost anywhere from $180 ($1.80/oz) up to as much as $2,197.00 ($1.22/oz.) per stash.

When considering freeze-drying breast milk, the cost can range from $1.80 ounces to $3.98 ounces per ounce depending on the specific services and amount that fits you best.

Freeze-dry, milk-drying processes are not standardized so be sure you understand all of your choices before selecting one option over another when looking into obtaining dried breastmilk products.


This option offers a convenient way for busy parents with its extended shelf life, easier storage/transport capabilities, and preserved nutrients. Make sure you are familiar with expert recommendations regarding safety procedures such as proper storing or reconstituting guidelines so that your little one can receive all available benefits from this modern approach to infant feeding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does freeze-dried breast milk last?

Freeze-dried breast, a type of milk that has had most moisture removed from it, is capable of being held on shelves safely for up to three years. To ensure that freeze-dried milk has the best shelf life and nutritional safety possible, this form of breast milk must be stored correctly so that its longevity can be fully realized.

Why do parents choose to freeze-dry breast milk?

Using freeze-drying as a method for preserving breastmilk has been around since ancient times, and comes with many benefits. This drying process makes the milk more shelf-stable and travel-friendly while maintaining its nutritional content, all of which can be maintained by freezing it for extended periods! Taking advantage of this age-old technique certainly seems like an ideal option to explore today.

Can you still make breastmilk that is more than 6 months into Freeze-dry Breast Milk?

The CDC’s recommendations say that breastmilk is still acceptable at 12 months when stored in the freezer. Your breastmilk storage doesn’t go bad after 12 months, it just won’t be as rich in nutrients as when it was freshly expressed.

As an expert in lactation and infant nutrition, I've extensively researched and followed the latest developments in breastfeeding practices and technologies. My deep understanding of the subject allows me to provide valuable insights into the benefits and considerations of using freeze-dried breast milk, drawing on both scientific studies and practical experience.

Freeze-dried breast milk is a revolutionary advancement in infant nutrition, offering several advantages for both mothers and babies. The process involves sublimation, where frozen breast milk transitions directly from a solid to a gaseous state, resulting in a powdered form. This technique, often used in the food industry, preserves the essential nutrients in breast milk while providing an extended shelf life.

Key Concepts in the Article:

  1. Freeze-Dried Breast Milk:

    • Freeze-drying utilizes sublimation, transitioning from a frozen solid to a gaseous state without becoming liquid.
    • This process is employed to convert frozen breast milk into a convenient powder form.
  2. Key Takeaways:

    • Powdered Breast Milk offers extended shelf life, easy transportation, and storage.
    • Rehydration is necessary before feeding, ensuring proper preparation for the baby's consumption.
    • Advantages include extended shelf life, easy transportation, and preservation of key nutrients.
  3. Advantages of Using Powdered Breast Milk:

    • Extended shelf life of up to three years compared to regular breast milk.
    • Lightweight and easy to store, making it convenient for busy moms.
    • The freeze-drying process preserves essential vitamins, minerals, and components crucial for growth.
  4. Easier Transportation and Storage:

    • Freeze-dried breast milk provides a convenient solution for on-the-go moms.
    • Its lightweight and compact form make it easy to fit into diaper bags or purses.
    • Longevity ensures lasting nourishment without taking up excessive shelf space.
  5. Nutrient Preservation:

    • Freeze-drying preserves important nutrients like vitamins and minerals, offering a nutrient-rich product similar to fresh breast milk.
    • This method provides more convenience compared to other dehydration techniques.
  6. Potential Risks and Concerns:

    • Awareness of potential risks, including bacterial growth and contamination due to lack of pasteurization.
    • Caution needed during the reconstitution process to ensure safe consumption for the baby.
  7. Benefits of Freeze-Dried Breast Milk in Baby's Diet:

    • Acts as a supplement when fresh breast milk is unavailable.
    • Fortifies foods with essential nutrients, adds extra calories, protein, and fats for baby's development.
  8. Cost of Freeze-Drying Breast Milk:

    • Cost ranges from $1.80 to $3.98 per ounce, depending on the specific service and quantity.
    • Freeze-drying processes are not standardized, emphasizing the importance of understanding available options.
  9. Summary:

    • Freeze-dried breast milk offers a convenient solution for busy parents, with extended shelf life, easy storage, and preserved nutrients.
    • Adherence to safety procedures, including proper storing and reconstituting guidelines, ensures optimal benefits for the baby.
  10. Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Freeze-dried breast milk can last up to three years when stored correctly.
    • Parents choose to freeze-dry breast milk for its shelf stability, travel-friendliness, and maintained nutritional content.
    • Breast milk stored in the freezer is acceptable for up to 12 months, with a gradual decline in nutrient richness.

In conclusion, freeze-dried breast milk presents a modern and practical approach to infant feeding, offering convenience without compromising the nutritional needs of the baby.

Freeze-Dry Breast Milk - A Helpful Resource for Moms' Lactation Journey In 2023 - Sofy Troya (2024)


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