Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (2024)

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Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (5)201 N Cooper Dr
Henderson, NC27536

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (6)Phone: (252) 738-2393

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (7)Neighborhood: Henderson

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No delivery

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Yes - Full Bar


American, Seafood

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Reviews for Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

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2.9 stars - Based on 37 votes

#11 out of 69 restaurants in Henderson

#3 of 12 American in Henderson

5 star6 votes16%
4 star6 votes16%
3 star13 votes35%
2 star2 votes5%
1 star10 votes27%

Top Reviews of Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (23)09/01/2023 - MenuPix User
Food was awful!No taste whatsoever.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (24)05/04/2023 - MenuPix User
The quality of food has seriously diminished.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (25)03/11/2022 - Mike
Flounder was burnt, couldn’t eat it. Scallops seemed to be stamped from Scate. Only 2 oysters on plate. They were burnt up. Charge extra for paying with credit or debit card. You can eat there if you wish but I will not return.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (26)06/28/2021 - Alisa
This was a great place to eat. They had some good cajan catfish!!!

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (27)01/13/2021 - MenuPix User
I did a take out order on a Saturday. Got home. Fish batter was separated from the fish. Fish meat was brown and old. Hard. Shrimp were cold and batter was separated from the shrimp meat. I was sick for three days with a stomach problem from the food. I should not have eaten any of it. Should have taken it back. Will never order from there again. Mayflower Henderson needs some new cooks.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (28)01/02/2021 - Stewart Dickey
Service and food has been good everything we visited

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (29)10/25/2020 - Nick Gur
Great experience, the waitress was okay and the food was great :)

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (30)10/07/2020 - Linda
It was a terrible experience very very slow and the fish they got it from a grocery store that was already battered and fried it. Just down right terrible. I will never go again. Do not waste your time or money.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (31)01/15/2020 - j and n
been twice in the last month food very good and plenty of it excellent service will be back

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (32)08/09/2016 - Vicky
Food was not good! Grease was old, fries soggy, greasy, shrimp was not good, tartar sauce was awful, I could not even use it. The cole slaw was terrible and when I asked waitress could she replace it with another side, she said she would have to charge me, because the cole slaw was free. lol, the slaw wasn't free it was a side included with price of meal.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (33)02/05/2016 - Debra
There were 3 people at the table and we all asked for coffee. We were told a fresh pot had to be made. After waiting 15 minutes for the coffee, it arrived warm and so weak we couldn't taste the flavor. The waitress was asked if it could be changed to decaf tea, and we were told there was no decaf tea available. It took another 10 mins for her to find out there was decaf tea and 10 mins more to bring warm water out for it. There were 2 orders for fried trout and she brought back broiled trout. One order for broiled scrimp and bake potato there was no butter on it or the table. Never did she return to the table until caught her attention, by that time the potato was too cold to melt the butter. This was the first experience at Mayflower for two of us at the table, and it was very disappointing. It will not be a place that we will rush to get back to. This experience will certainly be related to family and friends that enjoy quality service with quality food and don't mind paying for it or driving the miles to get it.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (34)06/24/2015 - candice
I got a to go plate with oysters an flounder the oysters were hard an nasty the fish taste like old fish!!I wasted my 15.00 will never eat here again 220 is much better an alot cheaper

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (35)01/04/2015 - melanie
I asked the waitress was the chicken club just like the fried chicken sandwich with just bacon and cheese added. she said yes, when it arrived it was a " club " sandwich with the 3 pieces of white sandwich bread and the toothpicks holding them together. NOT what the waitress agreed it was, the chicken tasted like it was cooked in the fish grease, it was really dark colored. It was not good at all. then there was a gratuity added. we had 7 adults and 2 kids. they said the tip was added for over 7 people. well our over 7 people were a 2 year old and a 3 year old. We hadn't been in a while because the service was sooo horrible from the previous time. That time we had a crew of folks also, my husband ordered a shrimp plate that suppose to have 14 shrimp on it and they shorted him by 6, I asked for honey mustard and if another waitress hadn't have brought it, I would still be waiting for it. We don't plan on returning there.

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (36)03/18/2014 - Clarksville family
Went here Saturday pm expected a small wait, but we were seated immediately. Drink orders were taken & brought out. The waitress then took our order ... 1 hour later, no appetizers no food. We decided to leave after noticing that 2 other tables that came in after us had been served & yet still nothing at our table. Went to the front & the girl at the counter called the manager/owner over. After listening to the girl he told her to charge us for our teas & water, then walked off! No concern for what occurred. WE WILL NEVER BE BACK!

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, Henderson (37)05/14/2013 - Yioulioxfordnc
Outstanding would be the way to describe this seafood place...great staff excellent service...and above all way tooooo much food for your money ... Comes to you fresh hot and tasteful....must try

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